Immune System

The immune system is comprised of a network of organs, white blood cells, antibodies, and chemicals. Additionally, different types of Qi (life force energy) help protect our bodies from external invaders; such as germs like viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and toxins.

When our body’s defenses become compromised, infection, illness, and disease take hold and it is past time to call in reinforcements.

Our job at The Center for Energy Medicine is teach patients how to recognize pathogenic attacks before they make entry. Our goal is for each patient to have strong life force and defensive Qi at the core and surface of the body. Having a strong life force will protect you from colds, flus, and other immune system challenges.

We approach immune system issues from the inside out with holistic herbal supplements and purposeful nutriment intake. Another healing modality available is acupuncture. Acupuncture strengthens the immune system by increasing red and white blood cells. By exerting anti-inflammatory effects, sickness and illness cannot take root in your body — and when your immune system wins, everyone wins.

We look forward to assisting your immune system needs in your next scheduled herbal consultation, acupuncture treatment, or sound bed healing appointment.