Anxiety, Depression, & OVERWHELM

Good health is attained when mind, body, and soul are all aligned and healthy. Life in current times can challenge an individual’s homeostasis. Depression and anxiety  can express itself in many ways:
>Sad, empty or anxious mood
>Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism
>Feelings of shame, guilt or helplessnessSleeping too much or sleeping too little
>Aches and pains
>Changes in appetite
>Loss of interest in activities
>Low libido

Hormones are part of the body that affect both the physical and emotional states. By identifying what imbalance is present or where a person could use balance and support, mood stability and improved emotional well-being can be achieved without the need for pharmaceuticals. The Center for Energy Medicine is accomplished and dedicated to addressing anxiety, depression, and overwhelm with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Treatments, Qigong Training, and Transformative Consulting sessions.

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