Sound Bed Healing

Your are a living energy field. Like everything else in the universe, you are emitting and receiving vibrational frequencies.  


Sound bed healing is a well known transformative modality to fine tune consciousness. Like everything in the universe, vibrational spectrum creates structures, and structures determine the function of each creation. As for human beings, sound frequencies can alter, tune, and transform the energetic fields within the body.


The sound bed is a portal to higher dimensions and deeper places within yourself. As the vibration of sounds move throughout the body, auric clutter is removed; the cells are cleansed; energetic blockages are dispersed; and lower frequencies are reset to higher frequencies.

Sound Bed Healing can help: 


Alleviate stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, and pain


Calm the nervous system


Renew the sense of purpose and well-being


Enhance an individual’s physical health


Relieve sinus congestion and headaches


Induce Theta brainwave activity and a meditative state


Balance chakras


Heighten intuition and raise consciousness 


At the Center for Energy Medicine, we offer a combination of deep spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical rejuvenation through sound bed therapy and acupuncture treatments. To begin your transformational healing, schedule your appointment today!