In-House Herbal Pharmacy

For centuries, the Royal Physicians of ancient dynasties developed herbal medical formulas to keep the Emperor and Empress in good standing heath. These royal formulas successfully treated illnesses, disease, and increased the virility and longevity of the royal families.

These ancient herbal formulas are available to us today, treating symptoms and their root causes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats many healthcare issues, such as stress, depression, allergies, pain, fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, hypertension and everything in between. This highly revered healing modality strengthens the organs and brings the body into balance without side effects or chemical dependencies.

The Center for Energy Medicine houses its own herbal pharmacy and is happy to schedule your herbal consultation with Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch today.

Share your healthcare needs during your appointment and ask us about the 21-Day Cleanse. We look forward to refreshing your vitality with herbal formulas made just for you.