Success Stories

“Many thanks to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for helping my husband prepare for a prostate surgery. We began early to reduce inflammation and fortify his immune system. As Dennis’s emotions began to swing – fear, uncertainty and helplessness, we added an herb mix to stabilize his emotional body. The herbs are working wonders at keeping him in better balance. He is sleeping through the night, and the mood swings have quietened. I am certainly grateful for Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch intuitive and healing response to my husband’s health issue.”
~ Georgie R.

“For the first time in 18 years I am well!!! I had tried everything western, alternative, you name it. On top of all the physical issues the whole thing brought me to a place of negativity and hopelessness. I am now back in my recording studio, have energy for my Grandchildren, and for exercise. My spirit is back to a place of light. Dr. Singh’s abilities are profound, miraculous. I am so Truly Grateful.”
~ Lynn Castle, Madelyn Von Ritz, Recording Artist

“I spoke with Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch remotely from SE-USA about my fracture healing process. He tailored an amazing formula of herbs to fit my needs for inflammation, bone growth and density, blood flow to extremities, vitamin and supplemental health for proper bone metabolism. He mailed me this formula within a week, and I was able to start treatment. The formula tasted excellent, like a slightly minty tea with some other complex flavors, noted by the variety of colors seen in the powder used to make the tea.

The formula was a rainbow of different colors in each spoonful. The specific plant choices, and therefore colors, of each formula would be determined on a case by case basis by Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch’s formula helped me work out my limp and return to normal walking. Much love to Dr. Singh and his crew for all their dedication to keeping the world in great health.”
~ Thomas W.

“I wanted to write an update on my condition with my Alopecia problem. I am excited to say that I am now 100% Alopecia free. My hair has completely grown back and I am truly amazed at how fast I recovered. I also had digestion problems and that too is completely balanced. With Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch’s help, I have changed my eating and sleeping habits which in turn has eliminated the sudden waves of body heat, fatigue and low energy I used to have. I am truly thankful of Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for his great work.”
~ Andre A 

“Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch is a highly skilled healer and I say this as a Registered Nurse who has experienced or seen the work of thousands of doctors of both holistic or Western Medicine.  Dr. Singh saved me from an emergency room visit using energy medicine when my arm locked up in the worst pain in my life.  He completely relieved the pain.  Dr. Singh’s herbal formulations have been extraordinary for my Menstrual issues stopping excessive bleeding, significantly reducing cramps, painful cysts and regulating my mood. Before his formulas I was in too much pain to go to work on my ovulation day and start of my period.  After drinking a simple tea daily I have been able to function well throughout the month.  I have since moved from Los Angeles to New York and I still turn to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for all my herbal formulations and even energy medicine because he is simply the best!”
~ Rachael B

“I started to see Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch about a year and half ago for physical shoulder ailments and since it has been like peeling an onion.  He has opened up new windows into the mind/body connection and introduced me to the ideas of emotional and physical ailments being completely interrelated.  He has brought my body both physically and mentally back to a healthy state. I used to get colds really easily and have terrible digestion problems and I have not been sick for a year now. I have chosen to continue working with him on a general upkeep basis and as a therapeutic outlet.  He is wonderful and makes me feel at ease and calm despite whatever chaos is happening in my life.  I have learned so much from him in the year and a half I have been working with him not only about myself but about effective ways to live a content, happy, healthy lifestyle.  I highly recommend him!”
~ Alex R

“I highly recommend Dr. Dharam Singh! I went to see Dr. Dharam Singh  Deutsch for the stress I was experiencing in my neck and jaw (TMJ), and immediately felt comfortable and relaxed due to his kind demeanor and loving presence. He took the time to answer all my questions. And just through that discussion, I learnt so much about good eating habits and the right nutrition for me. Dr. Singh recommended simple but effective exercises that I could do daily to assist me in keeping my neck and jaw relaxed.

After this comprehensive discussion with me and fully understanding my health issues and needs, Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch  invited me to lay on his table and started to masterfully work on me using a combination of many different healing modalities, including energy medicine & acupuncture. It was a lovely experience and I felt I was being cared for and treated on many different levels – not just the physical.

After the session, my neck and jaw stress were gone. I have also been feeling much more grounded and centered since the session and my sinuses also opened up during the session, something I had not even gone to see Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for! I have been feeling much more balanced physically, emotionally, and mentally after the session.

What I like most about Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch is that he doesn’t want his patients to become dependent on him or any doctor for that matter. And so his treatments and sessions are designed to help his patient’s heal whatever it is that they need to heal and get to a point where they can take care of themselves so that they don’t need to keep returning to any doctor. This is an extremely rare quality. Thank you Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch! Thank you for your sincere devotion and dedication to helping people transform their lives through your healing sessions.”
~ U. M.

“Originally, I was referred to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch by another practitioner! When I first visited his practice, I immediately felt the positive, calming energy! At that time, I was dealing with Depression & Anxiety! I had lost my motivation, sense of purpose & life had no meaning! Then I started working with Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch & shortly after, I started to feel the difference!! By my third visit, I couldn’t believe the positive changes that happened with my mood, behavior & attitude!! I am now actually excited about life & have many goals that I am presently working on! I don’t know where I would be today, if I had not met Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch! I highly recommend him & his treatment options! He is amazing!!”
~ Naz A.

“With Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch’s guidance, I’ve experienced notable, positive changes over the past few months. I came to him with concerns over hair loss, inability to get quality sleep, along with the stress of going through divorce. I’m in bed most nights between 12-1 am, as opposed to 3 or 4, and I typically get 7-9 hours of sound sleep. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch suggested I try yoga and meditation so, I joined a yoga studio & attend 4-5 classes a week, as well as 2 weekly sound baths. The supplements he prescribed have helped my nails & hair to grow, my skin is clear and glowing and I’m feeling much more energetic and generally happy. He’s a fantastic listener with a calm and caring demeanor. I’m so thankful to have his practice in my life.”
~ Shawna S.

“My first time doing acupuncture! Dr. Dharam Singh is amazing! Wish I would have listened to my friend Iacopo sooner when he recommended him! New to Joshua Tree! His main practice is in Los Angeles. So happy to have his healing touch in Joshua Tree. Always been scared to try acupuncture! Using it for insomnia, ptsd, anxiety from loss.

First session was life changing. He is gentle & gives great tools to help you grow & cope with life’s struggles. Good luck with your new practice in Joshua Tree! Welcome! We’re lucky to have you! Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch’s energy is calming & reassuring. Feeling optimistic that his practice is going to help my overall health & well being. Love that he is able to consult on diet as well!! So important!”
~Rosa F.

“I am a physician so when I started losing weight and feeling weak, I naturally went to a traditional medical doctor. They took blood tests and told me nothing was wrong and to just eat more.

My wife encouraged me to see Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch and I am glad I did. He took one look at my blood test and told me I was pre-diabetic and there was some liver dysfunction, amongst other things. A diagnosis that was confirmed by a CT scan which showed that I had a fatty liver. He put me on a modified cleanse, treated me on his table and gave me herbs to support my glands and organs.

The result is that I have my energy back and I feel great. My lab tests are in range and I eat in a new way that leaves me feeling clear, satisfied and energetic. This doctor saved me from diabetes. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch. You are truly a healer.”
~ Howard C. 

“Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch is a true healer. I live in Alabama so am a patient of his for distant healing. I have acid reflux leading to problems with my throat. Dr. Singh prepared an herbal tea designed just for me that has knocked out my sore throat and acid reflux. I also ordered the ‘Don’t Get Sick Kit’ from them and it has really helped in supporting my immune system. Highly recommend!”
~ Louis B.

“My name is Jack and I’m a Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu practitioner. I have been seeing Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for all my sports medicine injuries which consist of sprains, tears, fractures and breaks. I have also been treated for yearly allergies that normally would last for months, but after being treated and taking herbs that Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch prescribed, the allergies would literally be gone within a week. I have seen many eastern and western doctors for my injuries and ailments but one thing that stands out and that I appreciate about Dr Singh, is his ability to be objective and non-judgmental. I have witnessed on many occasions how calm and balanced he is with me and others when dealing with our situations. He keeps us calm and most importantly his words of wisdom and ability to give me hope is priceless. I have suggested Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch to family and friends and they always thank me for the referral.”
~ Jack T.

“I went to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch as my last resort before giving up hope. I was initially intimidated by the fees, which were very straight-forward, but I am a Barista and part-time student. My intuition told me to go for it and give it my full commitment and Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch immediately earned my confidence to do so. It hasn’t always been easy to commit to my treatment, but Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch is big on teamwork and is unlike any other doctor I have encountered.

This man cares about his patients and really knows his stuff. I have had debilitating fatigue for years. In less than 3 months I have gone from barely getting through my work week to taking classes and running and hiking- and trust me I was a bad case! My skin is better, my sleep is better and I have hope that I will be accomplish all my goals. I haven’t felt that in so long. I now consider Dr. Singh not just my doctor but a friend. Commit to his treatment and never look back.”
~ Alex H.

“I’ve known Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for a few years now but have yet to try one of his healing sessions until recently. I had been experiencing pain across my whole right arm for a couple days after straining myself during a work out. Not only that, I’ve always had some residual pain from a yoga injury I suffered a few months prior. This past weekend, I spontaneously stumbled upon his treatment room at the Center for Energy Medicine. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch performed a sound bath and moved my energies. The whole session itself was therapeutic for the body, mind, and soul. I walked out of the room feeling relaxed and level-headed. The pain in my arm was non-existent. Incredible work! Highly recommended!”
~ Grace N.

“I knew I needed help to deal with my grief due to the loss of my Mom. She died because of medical doctor’s error in the hospital. People who lost the loved ones will understand exactly what I am talking about.

I felt very depressed which lead me to overeating, weight change (increase of course) and high blood pressure. A visit to a medical doctor was out of question. I was just hoping for the miracle and alternative healing. How interesting life is, by a very unique chance I have been privileged to meet Dr. Singh and to experience his gift of coaching, strong knowledge, radiating energy and healing modalities.

I was and I am impressed by his deep understanding of his patient’s issues, going to the root of the problem, selecting the most beneficial methods of treatment. When you enter his Healing Center you feel right away light, supported, cared and protected.

Dr. Singh has created a special recovery plan that really works for me on physical and emotional levels. I love the herbal formulas and another very important specialty of Dr. Singh is designing a semi-annual cleanse that does miracles for your body and soul. He shared with me and taught me about the importance of semi-annual cleanse for the body and soul as we normally only maintain and clean our car and garage.

I wish my Mom would have chance to meet Dr. Singh and follow his recommendations, I trust she would be still here. I encourage you to go yourself and take your loved ones to restore your great health and energy.

Much love and appreciation to you Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch! As the saying goes: it is better to see and experience than just to hear. Give yourself a gift of health or recovery!”
~ Marina L.

“My 3 week cleansing diet with Dr. Singh is by far the most effective health intervention I have ever experienced. I lost 20 mostly mid section pounds; reduced inflammation pain to almost zero; and achieved a new emotional and mental clarity.  

I was impressed enough with these results to continue the program using Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch’s herbal supplements and guidance. I am finding that other health issues are effectively addressed with this system. All the aforementioned positive results definitely seem sustainable.”
~ Sheldon T.

“I played a lot of sports when I was younger which has led to some muscle tightness and aches and pains for me today. Upon the suggestion from a friend, I went in to see Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch to see if he could provide me with any relief. During the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed and felt my tightness dissipated while I laid on the table.

When I left the appointment, I was provided with multiple holistic practices that I could do at home to help heal myself in between appointments with Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch.

In addition to those practices, I also worked with the supplement and herbal protocol that Dr. Singh designed custom for me. In a short amount of time, my pain was entirely gone and I have experienced the added bonus of increased energy which has been great! Since then, I have continued my monthly sessions with Dr. Singh to check in and seek treatment for anything that I am in need of at that time. Highly recommended!!”
~ George M.

“When I first came to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch I was completely depleted both mentally and physically from two major surgeries. Every time I was ovulating or having my periods I was in excruciating pain. Now since Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch has been treating me I am a completely different person. My periods are more regulated with practically no pains at all. And my energy level also has increased tremendously. Now I feel like doing stuff. Before I had no liking or desire to do anything. I really love his method of treating patients which although very natural one can see very quick results. I highly recommend Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch to anyone who has any kind of health problems. He is the one!!”
~Krasangi D.

“I recently saw Dr. Singh about a frozen shoulder after not having much luck with western doctors. His work with me, along with the herbs that he provided, have made an immense difference and I am well on my way to a full recovery.  I highly recommend him – his compassion definitely comes through – he is sincerely interested in helping you heal.”
~ Betsy K.

I started to see Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch about a year and half ago for physical shoulder ailments and since then it has been like peeling an onion.

He has opened up new windows into the mind/body connection and introduced me to the ideas of emotional and physical ailments being completely interrelated.  He has brought my body both physically and mentally back to a healthy state. I used to get colds really easily and have terrible digestion problems and I have not been sick for a year now.

I have chosen to continue working with him on a general upkeep basis and as a therapeutic outlet.  He is wonderful and makes me feel at ease and calm despite whatever chaos is happening in my life.  I have learned so much from him in the year and a half I have been working with him not only about myself but about effective ways to live a content, happy, healthy lifestyle.  I highly recommend him!”
~ Alex R

“I came to Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch with back pain and after treatment the back pain is gone!  I feel lighter and brighter.  All my friends say how great I look for my age that’s totally from doing the qigong he taught me. Every time I am on the table, I feel like I am in heaven and blissfully out of my body and after the treatment I feel like a completely different person!”
~ Gil S.

“Just came to have Dr Singh take a look at my knee that I injured in martial arts. I’ve had a brace for a week and taking pain pills and nothing was making it better, but now my knee feels like new after my treatment. Part deep massage, part Thai massage, part energy healing, all feeling better!” ~ Jarrod Q. 

“I couldn’t find a better recommendation for anyone with an interest in wholly healing and understanding yourself more intimately. For myself, matters of the heart and mind resulted in physical manifestations that were crippling at times. Going to see Dr. Singh feels like a recalibration that doesn’t end with the visit, rather the healing begins there.”
~ Amy K.

“The Center for Energy Medicine is pure love. I visit Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch for any and all mental and physical ailments. Most prominently he has helped me overcome addiction and depression. This review has proved challenging as there are not sufficient words to express my gratitude and the positive impact he has had on my life.”
~ Eric H.

“I highly recommend Dr. Singh. He is an incredibly supportive physician and intuitively knows how to address each patient with an individualized holistic approach. I went in for skin and hair, and I came out a different person. He ended up helping my dad too with dietary issues. Consulting him is an investment in over all health, one we should all be making to enrich our lives.”
~ Heena S.

“I feel solid and complete. I have more control, strength and vigor. Study and treatment with Dr. Singh is really helpful, especially for those on a spiritual path. This  really helps one to not be distracted by day to day busyness that can otherwise take life force from your Spiritual Path and Sadhana. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch gives you very valuable tools that you will use for the rest of your life.”
~ Gauda Candra dasa, Vedic Priest

“I initially contacted Dr. Dharam Singh’s office a few years ago, seeking help with a night-time restless leg problem that was frequently disrupting my sleep. I have been a fan of acupuncture for many years, and I had already consulted a few other acupuncturists about this problem, but with limited success. It was important for me to see someone with an expertise in both acupuncture and herbs. When I saw that Dr. Dharam was also a Qi Gong Master, I was optimistic that I had finally found the right person. (I am a certified Qi Gong teacher.) It became clear very quickly that Dr. Dharam has an amazing repertoire of skills and abilities. His ability to “read” energy is astonishing. Since that initial visit, the range of issues that I have brought to my sessions with him has been broad and deep: physical, emotional and, most importantly for me, spiritual. Whatever level of your being is calling for help and healing, Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch can support you in your journey toward wholeness. I highly recommend him.”
~ Janice P.