Challenges while trying to conceive can prove to be a stressful time, while we ultimately know the optimal environment for conception is one without stress. 


Both male and female factors contribute to infertility; notably, 30-50% derivative from male factors (Sominsky, 2017).


Treatments for infertility include a complete health history diagnostic exam, herbal formulas, and medical Qigong.


Acupuncture treatments, with regard to fertility challenges: 


Affect the functions of the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the release of hormones through out the body.


Lead to statistically significant increases in sperm count and motility levels following ten healthcare visits (The Medical Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 2005).


Increases in-vitro embryo transfer from 26% to 43%.


Reportedly increases the rate of pregnancy by 51%. 


Reduces miscarriages from 20% (for those who did not receive treatment) to 8% (for those who did receive treatment. (Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center, 2017).


Acupuncture treatments are proven to be beneficial and are available at The Center for


Energy Medicine. 


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