The benefits of meditation have been studied and documented by over seven hundred scientific studies. Meditation is not a religion, it is simply a specific method of quiet reflection that produces changes in the brain that have a positive effect on the total health of the individual.

A twenty five year study of people who meditate conducted by the National Institute of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine resulted in the following specific health findings:

PMS symptoms decreased by 57%.
Migraine headaches decreased.
Anxiety and depression reduced significantly.
Working people missed fewer days do to illness.
Aids and Cancer patients experienced decreased symptoms.
75% of patients with insomnia were cured with the remaining 25% reporting significant improvement.
Patients with chronic pain required an average of 36 % less treatment.
Patients with high blood pressure recovered completely or improved.

The benefits of meditation are documented in study after study. Meditation achieves the following biological and  behavioral changes:





• Increases the functioning of the prefrontal cortex connections to the executive decision making portions of our brain.
• Produces better reasoning abilities and decision making that plans for the long term
• Increases memory and ability to concentrate and focus
• Rigid thinking gives way to flexible creative problem-solving
• Behavior shifts from being impulsive-reactive to proactive
• Reduces the harmful effects of stress, fear and anger.

Total Health
• Lowers blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol and atherosclerosis
• Increases functioning of the immune system
• Creates energy and vitality
• Beneficial for eating and sleeping disorders
• Builds self-confidence
• Creates a positive attitude, happiness and fulfillment